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Areas of Practice



Ellis Boxer & Blake’s senior attorneys are frequently selected by the parties or appointed by the court to serve as arbitrators, mediators and neutral evaluators.
Our convenient location, comfortable facilities and efficient staff are conducive to arbitrations, mediations and negotiating sessions.
Please contact us to learn more about our Alternative Dispute Resolution services.

Appellate practice

Appellate law requires a special kind of expertise.  Our lawyers have successfully argued cases before the United States Supreme Court, the Vermont Supreme Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.


Our business clients rely on us to identify and implement appropriate strategies to avoid, manage, prosecute, and defend lawsuits. Our lawyers have helped clients secure jury verdicts worth millions of dollars and have successfully defended claims where an adverse result could have been devastating. At Ellis Boxer & Blake PLLC, we also pride ourselves on representing our clients quietly and effectively outside of the courtroom. Our lawyers have proven abilities in a variety of areas.


Criminal Defense

Whether it is a serious felony or a simple misdemeanor, these cases require highly-experienced lawyers who know the law and understand the system.  Our criminal team is headed by a former prosecutor who has tried over 25 jury trials and argued appeals in the highest courts, including the United States Supreme Court.

insurance defense & civil litigation

A significant part of Ellis Boxer & Blake’s practice is the representation of insurance companies and the defense of insured and self-insured parties in litigation. Our long-standing relationships with many insurance companies attest to our stature in this area, and our client list is constantly growing. Insurance companies rely on our familiarity with the most recent developments affecting coverage and our sensitivity to the relationships between a carrier, the insured and assigned defense counsel. Self-insured defendants appreciate receiving the same attention to case management as our insurance company clients. We represent clients and manage local counsel in a range of matters throughout New England.


Although we are not patent lawyers, we assist clients with: regulatory compliance counseling; IP development and exploitation counseling; patent, copyright, trade secret and trademark registration, maintenance and protection; preparation and negotiation of contracts, including technology transfer agreements; licensing and sub-licensing; and negotiation, settlement and litigation of claims.



Ellis Boxer & Blake’s attorneys represent parties in all manner of employment disputes in the state and federal courts and administrative agencies, including wrongful discharge, discrimination, contract rights and executive compensation. We also assist clients in negotiating and drafting employment contracts and policies with an eye toward avoiding claims, disputes and misunderstandings. Our lawyers have proven abilities in a variety of areas.


Ellis Boxer & Blake's attorneys have the skill to guide you through the Act 250 permitting-process. In addition, outside of the Act 250 process, Ellis Boxer & Blake can also help with any land use or zoning-law issues you may have.


Elected and appointed officials trust and rely on members of Ellis Boxer & Blake to understand and explain the complex legal issues with which towns and school systems are constantly confronted, and to devise and implement effective strategies for accomplishing policy objectives and protecting public resources.



Product liability cases require comprehensive investigations and industry research, and can involve all of the economic and medical issues associated with workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. The team at Ellis Boxer & Blake helps our clients avoid lawsuits, if possible; settle if appropriate; and prevail at trial if necessary. We are proud of our record representing manufacturers, distributors and seriously injured parties in cases involving a variety of consumer, recreational, agricultural, and industrial products and devices.


Ellis Boxer & Blake PLLC serves as local counsel for businesses and law firms throughout the United States, assisting out-of state counsel in all varieties of litigated matters before all state and federal Vermont courts.


Ellis Boxer & Blake PLLC has an extensive workers’ compensation practice, representing employers and insurance carriers in coverage disputes, administrative proceedings, trials and appeals. We have played an instrumental role in forming Vermont workers’ compensation law at the appellate level and have advocated in several of the most important Vermont Supreme Court and Department of Labor decisions on workers’ compensation.